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Private lesson information

Who are private lessons for? Typically a private lesson is for an athlete that has taken some steps toward progressing in the sport and is needing some additional coaching to further their skills faster. It is a commitment of resources so we recommend these only to athletes who are willing to do training regularly on their own as well. This might be a good idea before a season starts and tryouts are ahead.
Why choose private lessons instead of a clinic? Private lessons can help give your athlete the one on one additional attention they might need to sharpen a specific skill, eg. setting, hitting, defense, blocking, serving...Due to gym space scheduling and costs, we recommend trying out our clinics or leagues before committing to private lessons. In these programs you will get regular training weekly and get a lot of feedback from coaches.
Where are these lessons? Because gym space is an added cost, we do recommend home visits first to help your athlete be able to train daily at home (requiring a gym for daily workouts is unrealistic and costly). The coach will give your athlete tools and workouts to do in a space they are familiar with so they can be done daily. This will be the best way to help your athlete progress. After a few at home lessons we can transition to a gym space with a net and equipment. These training sessions will be helpful for serving, hitting and blocking skills.
Why would I choose a group lesson over individual training? Volleyball is a team sport, no one person can do it all. Group lessons can be useful if you want a hitter to hit off a live setter, or a passer to dig off a live hitter, or server. If you are wanting your athlete to enhance the team surrounding them must excel as well. “A high tide raises all ships.” They can also split up the expenses to make it more affordable.


Coach Tabitha’s pricing break down:

Coaches fee:
$50 for first hour for individual, $35 each for additional hour within that session.
$75 for 2 players per hour, each additional player is $25 per hour.

Tavel costs for home visits:
0.50¢ per mile (one way) travel costs do not apply to sessions at St. Paul’s gym.

St. Paul Gym and equipment rental fee: $100 per hour.

Example at St. Paul:
For a one on one 1 hour session at St. Paul it would be $150.
$50 for training and $100 gym and equipment rental fee.

If we were to have a two hour one on one session at St. Paul’s gym it would be $285. ($50 for the first hour + $35 for the second hour + ($100 x 2) for the two hour gym and equipment rental).

For a group of 4 at St. Paul’s gym for two hours the total cost would be $450 ($75 + $25 + $25) x2 = $250 for the four players plus ($100 x 2) = $200 for the two hour gym and equipment rental.

Examples for in home:
For a one on one 1 hour in home session 10 miles away it would be $55. $50 for training and $5 for travel expenses (10 miles x $0.50/mile)

For a one on one 2 hour home session 10 miles away it would be $90. $50 for the first hour + $35 for the second hour + $5 for travel expenses (10 miles x $0.50/mile).

For an in home session for a group of two 20 miles away it would be $160. ($75 x 2) = $150 for the training session + $10 for travel expenses (20 miles x $0.50/mile).